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Slow down and pay more attention to the things that really matter. Studio Slow is all about creating meaningful spaces. We design interiors in which natural materials play a starring role, giving the space a soul and infusing it with energy. Here, you can breathe and become grounded, allowing the silence and harmony to wash over you.‘Beauty brings you to a more open and higher level of consciousness.’

Our clients can involve us early on in the process, but we are just as happy to contribute our ideas or make adjustments to ongoing projects. We use exclusively high-quality products and materials and search for products and materials that are best suited to each project. In addition, we can call on the expertise of an extensive network of professional contractors, architects, designers and furniture makers to ensure the perfect realisation of every project. Our team can be engaged for interiors both in the Netherlands and abroad.

How we work


1) Let’s talk

The process starts with an extensive interview at our studio or on location, where positive energy and the desire to create something beautiful are the guiding principles.
We want to get to know you, the house and your plans, wishes and dreams, whether big or small. We listen, take stock and look. Of course, a mutual affinity for one another is an important precondition for every business relationship we enter into. The next step after this introduction is a clear action plan.

2) Create & design

Our creative process starts with research, sketching, designing, creating a mood board and collecting materials. The next step is to further work out our ideas and designs and present them in a concept book: the master plan. Aspects such as the use of materials, the space, the stylistic idiom, lighting and colours are all taken into consideration in this part of the process. Our drawings give the project a visual dimension and the colours and materials make it tangible, allowing our design to virtually come to life. 

3) Finalisation

After our presentation of the master plan, we will use your feedback to arrive at a final design. In this, the colour scheme, the materials, lighting, fabrics, a proposal with regard to furniture and any items to be custom made are finalised and set down. The dimensioned drawings will then serve as a blueprint for the construction and ultimate realisation of the design.

4) Realisation

We have an extensive network of external professionals, including contractors, upholsterers, plasterers, architects, designers and furniture makers, that we can involve in your project. They are all experts in their profession. Our team can be engaged for interiors both in the Netherlands and abroad.

In terms of project management, we like to play an active role in the implementation of the design, working out the dimensions, lighting, tiling and other technical details and communicating them to the contractor. We supervise all the custom work, requests for quotations and the ordering of products and we keep close watch over the schedule. Colours, sizes and materials are checked by us on the spot and any adjustments are made if necessary. Turnkey delivery is also an option. We keep our lines of communication short and understand how nice it is when the result is exactly as intended.


5) Styling

After your house or project has been handed over to you, we can help you with the styling and any finishing touches. We would be happy to find a few beautiful pieces to enrich your interior and to ensure that the right items are put in the right place. Lighting, pillows, signature items, works of art: all of these serve to make your house feel like your home and underscore your unique personality.

So, for all of you who embrace beauty and quality: let’s get started!


‘A good design leaves enough room to express the uniqueness of the user.’

Christien Starkenburg | Creative Art-director
Sjoukje de Vries | Interiordesigner
Amber van Boxtel | Interiordesigner
Meinte Escalona | Interiordesigner
Aron de Jong | Industrial product designer
Josefien Koenen | Interiordesigner
Annemiek Meijer | Interiordesigner