Pure, natural and preferably handcrafted

This is the home of interior designer and art director Christien Starkenburg, her husband Henk de Jong and their two sons Aron and Isaac. Together they run the prestigious designstore Jan de Jong Interieur in Leeuwarden, a family owned business since 1899. Studio Slow is the interior design studio of Christien Starkenburg. 
This “city palazzo” is situated in the heart of Leeuwarden.

Breezy feel & Southern vibes



For the renovation of their home Christien used natural materials, together they emphasize the breezy feel of the interior. 
It is obvious that Christien is inspired by the Southern vibes of Mallorca and Spain as well as the Northern atmosphere, she’s combining and mixing these worlds. 

Pure, natural and preferably handcrafted, chic but simple. She is a passionate collector of beautiful materials, art and handmade things. 
“Beauty is captured by all the senses.” Sensual living to honor all the senses.



Slow Living

Handmade & heartmade